Helen has a wonderful passion for colour and detail, from lovely room schemes to sourcing that perfect vintage lamp. She really gets involved in every aspect of design. Practical and effective, she is also great fun. I have recommended her to all my friends.
— Sarah Parsons, Wandsworth Common Resident
Helen Harlow has an exceptional eye for interior design. Not only did she recognise what would work best in my house but also totally understood what I would enjoy living with. She is imaginative and full of ideas that suit an environment perfectly. Her experience and patience enable her to guide her clients gently through the decision process, introducing you to quality products with excellent results so you can enjoy renovating and decorating your property. She made my modest Bristol home eye-catching both inside and out and saved me weeks of deliberation with her confident and humorous management of the project.
— Rebecca Yirrell, PR Consultant, Bristol
I got in touch with Helen when unsure about how to redecorate my living room. She was full of helpful advice and not only came up with a colour scheme for the walls and carpet that I love, but sourced a beautiful chandelier for me and had lots of suggestions for new curtain fabric as well. All this was done quickly and efficiently and at short notice to fit in with the painter I had already booked. She was incredibly useful and I would certainly use her again.
— Ellen English, Accountant, SW London
Helen is a genius. Not only did she save me from going demented with sample pots and repainting every single room in my home five times over, she kept on coming up and up with clever ideas and tweaks that made everything feel more finished. I love love love every colour and shade she put together and especially the fact that she listened and understood. I feel so happy every time I turn the key in the front door of my flat.
— Victoria Moore, Journalist, London
My husband and I have very different design styles and Helen was absolutely key to finding a solution and not a compromise for us both.
She is sensitive to the clients’ needs, fun, efficient and great to work with. She has great attention to detail, lovely ideas, and quirky but sophisticated taste. She combines practical and sensible advice with imagination and flair.
I have already asked her to work on my next project.
— Janie Yang, Designer. SW London
Helen is the perfect person to turn to when you have lost confidence in your taste. She helped us give a new look to our bedroom, finding an elegant, perfect colour for the walls and sourcing beautiful fabric for the headboard and curtains. She is incredibly sensitive, as well as stylish in every way - you can see her trying to work out what it is that you are after. Our bedroom was a bit of a mess before - still felt like a room that small children had crawled all over. Now it feels like a sanctuary.
— Sabine Durrant, Novelist, London